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27 Apr

Dr. Vera Goes to Albany to Advocate for Hepatitis C Treatment

Did you know that since new medications became available in 2014, Harlem United has cured over 50 clients living with Hepatitis C? Yet according to Dr. Vera ... more
20 Apr

CEO Jacqui Kilmer's Full Remarks at the Boulevard Bash

Thank you all for joining us as we celebrate Harlem United and welcome to the Boulevard Bash! I can't think of a more spectacular way to celebrate this very ... more
18 Apr

Talking HIV/AIDS, addiction, and more with KTU Cares

Staff from Harlem United, a healthcare nonprofit in New York City dedicated to transforming lives and strengthen communities, talks with KTU Cares about HIV/AIDS, ... more
8 Feb

What we learned meditating with Pandit Dasa

The room is so quiet that the only things you can hear are the buzz of the central heating and the soft gentle breathe of the young adults with their eyes closed ... more
13 Jan

Michele Rowe ran 26.2 miles to honor her mom's memory

As Michele Rowe was approaching her 40th birthday, she realized that she was also approaching the age that her mom died, a very young 43 years old. Wanting to do ... more

Joseph & Andre want to show you our new health center

We opened the doors to The Nest, our new community health center in Harlem and on opening day, we saw more than 70 patients — many of whom hadn’t been to a doctor in years. Joseph & Andre will show you around! more