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Swallow This

Did you know that there is a pill you can take daily to prevent HIV? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. We surveyed 1,347 men who have sex with men in New York City and less than half had heard of PrEP, but once we told them what PrEP is — a daily pill that is very effective at preventing HIV – 67% said they would consider using it. That’s why, over Pride weekend, we launched a new campaign to educate men of color in Harlem and throughout New York City about this promising development in HIV prevention. We were at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem Pride, NYC Pride Festival, and more.      Harlem United at The Apollo; Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, ...

We launch Swallow This

Swallow This was our campaign to educate our communities about PrEP, a pill you can take daily to prevent HIV. PrEP is remarkably effective at preventing HIV and through a study we conducted, we determined that the people we serve would benefit from it and when they learned about it were very interested in starting, but too often didn't even know PrEP was an option for them. We launched a multi-pronged, multimedia campaign online, at community events, in print magazines and newspapers, and with out of home advertising such as bus stop and phone booth advertisements. An evaluation of the campaign found it was massively successful.

Victories at the Supreme Court!

Victories at the Supreme Court this week mean that millions of Americans can keep their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and millions more gain the freedom to marry through today’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision expanding marriage equality nationwide! There’s plenty of work to do, but now, we celebrate! Spread the news by sharing the graphic on Facebook. And if you'd like to celebrate the decisions at Pride, you are invited to march with us! Email Oscar Lopez at olopez@harlemunited.org for details. Happy Pride!

Pride & Prevention

We talk with David Lopez about the connection between LGBTQ Pride and HIV testing & prevention. It's chock full of interesting stats and important information. [powerpress]

What do knitting & the Affordable Care Act have in common? Olga Keber.

Olga Ambert Keber came to Harlem United in 2007 as a social worker. She worked as a case manager at El Faro for three years before she was promoted to Director of Operations where she remained for another 3 years. “I worked in El Faro, I got to speak Spanish, and I immediately took to my clients.” After the Affordable Care Act was passed, Olga moved to 306 Lenox to head the Managed Care department. The position present a range of new challenges that Olga had to tackle, one by one—starting with staying on top of the insurance companies to make their payments. “Finally, after a year and I half, I have found my rhythm. I’ve even formed ...