Month: February 2017

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  • Harlem United Peer Empowerment Leaders

    Fighting HIV Stigma: Meet Harlem United’s 2017 Peer Empowerment Leaders

    In 2016, Harlem United was one of 17 agencies honored with a Positive Organizing Project grant. Led by AIDS United and funded by Gilead Sciences, the Positive Organizing Project challenges HIV-related stigma and discrimination by empowering people living with HIV to organize in their communities.  As part of our participation in the Positive Organizing Project,…


  • Housing is healthcare

    Why New York State Must Invest In Supportive Housing

    On February 17, I testified at a public hearing in Albany on the importance of supportive housing. We won’t be able to end the homeless crisis facing New York State, particularly for people living with chronic conditions like HIV and AIDS and mental health and addiction issues, without it. Harlem United is a nationally recognized…


  • Phil Gyura

    Spotlight: Meet Philip Gyura, Director of Mobile Health Services

    You might want to call him Dr. Phil, but Harlem United’s Philip Gyura is a family nurse practitioner with a Doctor of Nursing Practice, not an M.D. “Call me whatever you want,” he says with a laugh. “As long as you’re nice, and even if you’re not, I’ll work with it.” Phil has been working…


  • Participants in Harlem United's PrEP video series

    Introducing PrEP Conversations, Our PrEP Education Video Series

    By now, you may have heard about PrEP. It’s a daily pill that can help you stay HIV-negative. But what is it really like to take PrEP? Is it easy to get? What does it do to your body? And what about all those stereotypes about the “type” of person who takes PrEP? Our new…


  • PrEP video ads launch

    We were able reach hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers at risk for HIV with a series of video ads designed to inform our community about this effective HIV prevention tool and address common barriers to use. You can see the whole series at


  • In Honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Harlem United Releases New Video Series: PrEP CONVERSATIONS

    “We will not end the AIDS epidemic unless we break through the barriers to wide-scale use of PrEP among communities of color.” — Jacqui Kilmer, CEO, Harlem United For Immediate Release February 7, 2017 Contact: Jason Cianciotto I 347-703-3865 I New York, NY — In honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, today Harlem…


  • Nomination of Judge Gorsuch to U.S. Supreme Court a Threat to Health Care and Housing for All Americans

    For Immediate Release February 1, 2017 Contact: Jason Cianciotto I 347-703-3865 I New York, NY — The following is a statement from Jacquelyn Kilmer, Esq., Chief Executive Officer of Harlem United. “The nomination of Judge Gorsuch is a threat to health and well-being of all Americans. His philosophy perverts the freedom of religion in…