Month: February 2018

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  • Why Patricia is combining art therapy and activism

    [lead]“I’ve been in recovery from addiction for 19 years… I never thought I’d be able to get 19 seconds of anything.”[/lead] Patricia first came to Harlem United a year into her recovery, hoping to not just survive but thrive, and one of the first programs that she connected with was art therapy. “Some things that…


  • Diversity & Inclusion: The Harsh Reality

    I recently hosted a group and the topic was gender identity and roles. I must admit while this topic comes easy for me, as I was forced through my life experiences to realize the harsh reality that many people still believe that transgender people should not be seen or heard. Granted, a few gentleman gave…


  • IN THE MEDIA: Harlem United featured on NBC News

    In honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, NBC News ran a news piece featuring Harlem United and one of our clients and peer advocates, Ray. You can read the full story here.