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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy1t7lbSWNM&ab_channel=BronxNet Today, OPEN on BronxNet aired the above interview with Tamisha McPherson, Chief External Affairs and Development Officer & Executive Director of URAM.

NYS Opioid Overdose Awareness Day

My name is Mary Brewster, I’m the Managing Director of Integrated Harm Reduction Programs at Harlem United. Today is the first annual New York State Opioid Overdose Awareness Day, led by the NYS Department of Health. In 2020, we lost 93,000 friends, neighbors, family members, and loved ones to fatal overdose across the US, a 30% increase over 2019. Prevent Fatal Overdose in Your Community I’ve seen this heartbreaking reality in my day-to-day work in the past year. I’m sure you personally experienced the ripple effects of the pandemic in your own life, and it’s the same for my clients who use drugs. Social isolation pushed many of them to ...