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What we learned meditating with Pandit Dasa

The room is so quiet that the only things you can hear are the buzz of the central heating and the soft gentle breathe of the young adults with their eyes closed ... more
13 Jan

Michele Rowe ran 26.2 miles to honor her mom's memory

As Michele Rowe was approaching her 40th birthday, she realized that she was also approaching the age that her mom died, a very young 43 years old. Wanting to do ... more

Joseph & Andre want to show you our new health center

We opened the doors to The Nest, our new community health center in Harlem and on opening day, we saw more than 70 patients — many of whom hadn’t been to a doctor in years. Joseph & Andre will show you around! more
23 Nov

"People come here rock bottom" — find out why they stay

Last week we held our annual Thanksgiving Litany at the Baptist House of Prayer of Harlem. Every year we invite our clients and staff to come and reflect on their ... more
16 Nov

The Nest is now open!

We are proud to announce the opening of our new community health center, The Nest, located at 169 West 133rd Street. Hours and Services for The Nest as of ... more
30 Oct

Dancing (for Health) In The Streets of Harlem

We had a great time on Saturday celebrating our new health center, The Nest, with an afternoon block party. Long-time residents of the block joined friends from all ... more