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15 Jan

GENDA Passes In New York State!

Important news out of Albany today: New York State passed GENDA — the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act! This bill solidifies existing protections by ... more
11 May

It’s Spring! We're taking healthcare to the streets

Spring is in the air and we are out in the streets full force, meeting people where they are — literally and metaphorically — to make sure nothing stands in the ... more
16 Feb

Why Patricia is combining art therapy and activism

Patricia first came to Harlem United a year into her recovery, hoping to not just survive but thrive, and one of the first programs that she connected with was ... more
10 Jan

How art therapy is changing Ellen's life

Ellen will be quick to tell you that she’s not an artist, but her dozens of paintings over the past thirteen years tell a different tale. When she first ... more
5 Dec

Time-Sensitive HIV/AIDS Call to Action!

Friday’s World AIDS Day event in NYC was an exciting moment in New York State’s effort to end our HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2020. New HIV diagnoses in New York State ... more
28 Aug

What you need to know about overdoses & the opioid epidemic

The rate of opioid overdose in the United States has tripled since 2000. To make matters more complicated, it's not always clear who is at risk for an overdose. The ... more