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9 Sep

NYS Opioid Overdose Awareness Day

My name is Mary Brewster, I’m the Managing Director of Integrated Harm Reduction Programs at Harlem United. Today is the first annual New York State Opioid ... more
24 Aug

Harlem United Supports Overdose Prevention Centers

Harlem United and other harm reduction service providers sent a letter to Governor Hochul to encourage her to authorize a pilot program for Overdose Prevention ... more
21 Jul

Harlem United Opposes Proposed Chick-fil-A Service within NYS Thruway Rest Stops

Harlem United joined The New Pride Agenda and other community partners including Callen-Lorde, GMHC, and Housing Works to call on the New York State Thruway ... more
18 Jul

IN THE MEDIA: The Balancing Act: Local Edition The Balancing Act Local NY, hosted by Montel Williams, aired the ... more
2 Jun

IN THE MEDIA: VICE VERSA's The Neglected Pandemic, 40 Years of HIV & AIDS

We’re excited to announce that Harlem United is featured in a VICE TV special documentary film marking the 40th anniversary of HIV/AIDS in the USA, narrated by ... more
26 May

Syringe Litter Cleanup

Recently, Harlem United has focused on expanding our syringe litter cleanup programs. Used syringes can transmit HIV and HCV, so syringe litter poses a public ... more