Month: February 2016

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  • Do you want to do AIDS Walk with us?

    Fundraise, volunteer, or just participate in the AIDS Walk New York taking place on Sunday, May 15, 2016 in Central Park. The Walk benefits HIV/AIDS service organizations in the tri-state area including Harlem United. Join more than 30,000 people fighting to end AIDS. Join Team Harlem United and help our community! Get your walking shoes on, and…


  • What we learned meditating with Pandit Dasa

    The room is so quiet that the only things you can hear are the buzz of the central heating and the soft gentle breathe of the young adults with their eyes closed and backs straight. “Exhale completely. Emptying your lungs,” Pandit says softly. There’s a pregnant pause before he speaks again, “Inhale completely. Fill your…