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Michele Rowe Ran 26.2 Miles to Honor Her Mom’s Memory

Michele has come a long way while sharing the message that HIV can happen to anyone at any time.

Staff Spotlight: Gwen is Here to Make a Difference

It’s been 17 years since Gwen joined the Harlem United family, and she has spent each and every one reaching out to her community to lend a hand.

Swallow This — Again: Our PrEP Campaign Is Back!

In 2015, millions of people saw our ads online and in bars, bus stops, and bodegas throughout New York City.

New Online Resource and Report Provides Voters with Candidate Information on LGBT, HIV, and Health Equity Issues

Issues that Matter: harlemunited.org/Vote   For Immediate Release October 6, 2016 Contact: Jason Cianciotto I 347-703-3865 I jcianciotto@harlemunited.org New York, NY -- With less than a month left before Election Day, Harlem United and Fenway Health have launched a campaign to educate voters about where the presidential candidates and the political parties stand on six key health equity issues: LGBT equality; HIV/AIDS; healthcare; substance use; mental health; and housing. Past and current positions on health equity issues were compiled from official campaign statements, party platforms, interviews and articles, and records as public ...