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A “Gender Revolution” at Harlem United

As a trans woman, I face a variety of issues daily. The most common is getting people to recognize that I am a lady and not a man. Some people feel that because I was born a man, I am a man. In fact, they will argue with me to the point that I feel nothing I say will change their mind. This is a dangerous way of thinking because it often leads to disrespect and discrimination, like being told what bathroom I am allowed to use. When I was asked to facilitate a group of clients in Harlem United's advocacy program to watch the documentary, Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, immediately I felt the pressure. Not to be a good facilitator—I ...

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner plays a pivotal role in our FQHC, Article 28 Health Services Division. . The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner works within an interdisciplinary team providing health care services within a community based health center, responsible for assessment, psychiatric treatment and consultation for primary health care clients responsible to assist. This position must be able to work well in a team oriented environment and have experience working with persons living with HIV/AIDS, who are experiencing mental illness, substance abuse and addiction/compulsive issues.  [/columns]