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President Trump’s action on transgender military service weakens America

The United States of America is made stronger when all its residents are able to live fully as themselves. President Trump's announcement today that the United States military will not “accept or allow” transgender service members weakens our national security and insults the dignity of transgender Americans—including the thousands currently serving in our armed forces. For nearly 30 years, Harlem United has been providing hope, health, and healing to our communities in Harlem and beyond—communities that include transgender New Yorkers, veterans, and transgender veterans. We are proud to serve them all, we are thankful for their ...

Residence Manager, Housing

Harlem United is seeking a Residence Manager to be responsible for identifying and maintaining relationships between property management companies and our supportive housing program to ensure clients are adequately housed and that apartments meet requirements set by agency stakeholders. Residents Managers will work closely with Managing Directors of our supportive housing programs to identify housing needs and negotiate with management companies to secure safe, comfortable and affordable housing options for clients. [/columns]

How to Safely Self-Inject Your Hormones

Congratulations on self-injecting your own hormones! These instructions will provide a step-by step guide for intramuscular injection.  Be sure to see your doctor for an in person training on how to inject your hormones safely.  If you don’t have a doctor, or if you are interested in primary care, or gender affirming hormone care, or just want an in person tutorial on how to inject yourself safely, please call or make an appointment with us! Become familiar with all of your injection equipment, and the type of injection you will give yourself. Before you inject, ask yourself the following questions: Will I give myself a subcutaneous ...