CHCANYS honors two health providers whose names you should know

You know how when you meet some people, there’s a spark inside of them? You can almost feel it? That’s how I feel about working with Lisa Hood and Phil Gyura. Two weeks ago, they were honored by CHCANYS—the Community Health Care Association of New York State—as part of a Health Care for the Homeless Celebration during Community Health Center Week.

Lisa engages clients with a level of professionalism that everyone deserves, but that too few who find themselves struggling with the issues related to homelessness receive. Her professional standard is an example to her colleagues and conveys to clients, staff, and supervisors, a message that we are and should be trying to constantly improve. Her work serves as an example of how every engagement should be seen as an opportunity for advocacy.

Phil has directed his entire career towards helping those who are in the least position to defend themselves. Both his professional development and areas of expertise (substance use, HIV and hepatitis), and his philosophical bent are geared towards the ways that he can best help individuals and influence others in the cause of social justice.

I asked Lisa for a few words about receiving this award and here’s what she said:

Receiving this award is such an honor and surprise. A lot of times healthcare workers are not recognized for their hard work. The fact that someone out there is noticing us, noticing me, is beyond words. I am a Medical Assistant that graduated from Monroe College and hit the floor running. Harlem United gave me a change straight out of school with no experience and I love what I do. I knew from the age of 12 that I would be in the healthcare field impacting lives.

Phil chimed in too:

I couldn’t be more humbled by this award. Being recognized for doing work you love is always an honor. Being recognized with an award from such a great organization is truly amazing. I came to NYC from Minnesota as a nurse wanting more education to make a larger impact in the lives of patients I serve. Through hard work I have been able to achieve my doctorate in nursing practice and have the pleasure of working at an amazing place like Harlem United, which has helped me realize my dream of helping those most at risk and actually making a difference in the community I serve.

Phil and Lisa inspire me every day at work. Who inspires you?