Douglas M. Brooks, White House Director of Office of National AIDS Policy visits

Yesterday, Harlem United was honored to host Douglas Brooks, Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy. We are one of just a few agencies that Mr. Brooks is visiting during his regional listening tour and he’s looking to us to learn from our success and challenges to inform his work nationwide.

While he was here, Mr. Brooks and his team met not only with senior staff who shared the details of our work–including housing as healthcare, our work to improve the HIV/AIDS treatment cascade, and our Ryan White funded program—he also spoke directly with clients to hear their stories, and to share his own as a person living with HIV.

Our day with Mr. Brooks concluded with a listening session at the Schomburg Center hosted by the Office of National AIDS Policy, Acria, and AmidaCare where people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS joined activists, advocates, and healthcare professionals to tell the White House what we need to treat and ultimately end HIV/AIDS.

It was a powerful day and I couldn’t be more proud of Harlem United staff and clients—today and over our 25+ year history—who are committed to providing hope, health and healing to everyone who walks through our doors.

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