Kimberleigh Smith speaks at Blueprint to End AIDS announcement

How we’re going to end AIDS in New York

Today we are making history. It’s the beginning of the end of the HIV epidemic as we know it in New York State.

Governor Cuomo endorsed a Blueprint to End AIDS, which lays out 30 recommendations that must be implemented to decrease new HIV infections to fewer than 750 by 2020 and move HIV past what is considered an epidemic. Join Harlem United in applauding Governor Cuomo for his ambition and leadership to make the blueprint to end AIDS happen! Thank you, Governor Cuomo!

Think about it. We can end the HIV epidemic in New York State.

63 activists, health service providers, researchers, and public health professionals—including staff from Harlem United—met regularly for three months to craft comprehensive recommendations for the Plan to End AIDS. The resulting Blueprint, if enacted, will end AIDS as we know it.

Harlem remains one of the neighborhoods most impacted by HIV and AIDS in New York City.  This plan will provide an unprecedented opportunity to support and scale up programs that work for our communities – from condoms to housing – as well as create access and opportunities for newer interventions, like pre-exposure prophylaxis. We can’t afford not to seize it.

We can’t do it without you either. Will you support the Plan to End AIDS by sharing this historic announcement with your friends and family or by making a special tax-deductible contribution to Harlem United today?

We got this!

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