Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s “New York Promise” Agenda Will Help Harlem United Create One Community of Hope, Health, & Healing

For Immediate Release
January 9, 2017
Contact: Jason Cianciotto I 347-703-3865 I

New York, NY — Today Governor Andrew M. Cuomo unveiled the 12th proposal of his 2017 State of the State Agenda: “New York Promise.” Focused on advancing key social justice principles and progressive values, New York Promise includes several goals and initiatives that will help Harlem United create one community of hope, health, and healing.

“Since it was founded in 1988, Harlem United’s has advanced community health by providing compassionate and comprehensive new models of care that promote social justice and transform and empower clients.” said Jacquelyn Kilmer, CEO of Harlem United. “At a time when the nation is concerned about internal threats to human rights like access to comprehensive, affordable health care and the safety of stigmatized minorities — especially immigrants — Governor Cuomo’s ‘”New York Promise” puts words into action. Governor Cuomo’s historic focus on social justice and advancing progressive values is critical to not only Harlem United’s 15,000 clients, but also to the health and well being of New Yorkers across the state.”


Founded in 1988, Harlem United is a nationally recognized human services organization that provides full access to integrated health care and social services for individuals experiencing multiple and complex issues, including  HIV and AIDS, social stigma, mental illness, chronic substance and alcohol use, homelessness, and extreme poverty — regardless of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression.