This is how harm reduction works

249 people with a history of drug use—past or present—entered our six-month long Recovery Support Services program this year to make progress on their recovery goals. We use a harm reduction model to meet clients where they are and support them in making changes that help them to accomplishing their long-term goals. Many of our clients have tried and failed to completely stop using drugs in the past and come to Harlem United because they know we will support them throughout the process of their recovery, regardless of their end goal.

And it works.

93 clients were referred to additional substance abuse support services (including detox, in-patient rehab, out-patient methadone maintenance programs, AA or NA groups, etc)

60 clients were referred to a on-going care with our doctors, therapists, support groups, and other services

This fall we hosted a Recovery Month celebration which was attended by nearly 100 clients and alumni. Here’s what some of them had to say,

“Recovery is saving my life. I have 13 years clean now.”

“It may have been hard, but we made it, we’re here, and life is beautiful.”

“I’ll be three and half years clean in January and I wouldn’t have made it this far without Harlem United.”

When you contribute to Harlem United, you’re not just “donating to charity,” you’re helping to save and transform lives. We can’t do it without you.

Will you make a special gift to Harlem United today to help us end the year strong and start 2015 with a strong foundation?

I thank you, and all of our clients thank you as well.

The front of a black tote bag with an orange Harlem United logo next to the back of the tote bag, which reads "There's some magical s#*! going on in here. - Jade, long-time client and peer." Underneath the tote bag images, is text that reads "Donate $25 and claim your limited-edition Harlem United tote bag!"