Harlem United’s Healthcare Subsidiary, URAM, Receives Gift from MacKenzie Scott

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Contact: Maya Martin-Udry  |  mmartinudry@harlemunited.org  |  646.400.7621

NEW YORK, November 6, 2023— Harlem United announced today that their healthcare subsidiary, URAM, was the recipient of a generous gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, in recognition of the organization’s 35+ year commitment to advancing health equality.

“Ms. Scott’s generous gift will change lives in Harlem,” said Harlem United CEO, Jacqui Kilmer. “This gift is a testament to the impact Harlem United has had on the community since 1988. Our healthcare subsidiary URAM is at the core of our work to reverse the devastating health impacts of discrimination.”

Harlem United harnesses the power of healthcare, housing, and harm reduction to eliminate racial and economic health disparities. Last year, their central Harlem community health centers provided 19,950 primary care, mental health, and dental visits, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. The grassroots organization also housed 720 people, distributed 24,330 meals, and collected 25,750 used syringes, to name just a few additional accomplishments that illustrate their comprehensive approach.

“At a time when people are finally recognizing the true impact of racism and discrimination on the health of our neighbors, MacKenzie Scott’s gift is a vote of confidence for health centers like ours, that are truly rooted in community,” said Tamisha McPherson, Executive Director of URAM / Chief External Affairs and Development Officer. “We’re ecstatic for the opportunity to provide even more necessary care to the people we serve.”

About Harlem United

Discrimination has destroyed the health of communities we love. Together, we can fix that. We advance health equality in Harlem through healthcare, housing, and harm reduction.

Activists founded Harlem United in a church basement in 1988. At a time of extreme stigma, they created a compassionate community for loved ones dying of AIDS.

Today, we provide world-class HIV care. And over the years, we’ve expanded to provide services for many other healthcare needs. We’ve advocated for social justice and remained rooted in our community. We’ll keep at it until we achieve health equality.

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