What do knitting & the Affordable Care Act have in common? Olga Keber.

“Harlem United is like a big family. I’ve felt that from the very beginning.”

Olga Ambert Keber came to Harlem United in 2007 as a social worker. She worked as a case manager at El Faro for three years before she was promoted to Director of Operations where she remained for another 3 years. “I worked in El Faro, I got to speak Spanish, and I immediately took to my clients.”

After the Affordable Care Act was passed, Olga moved to 306 Lenox to head the Managed Care department. The position present a range of new challenges that Olga had to tackle, one by one—starting with staying on top of the insurance companies to make their payments.

“Finally, after a year and I half, I have found my rhythm. I’ve even formed relationships with the people who work at the insurance companies. We know each other by name and we work together.”

She’s especially grateful to her assistant, Yekis Fortunato. “I love her and she has been such a great support to this department. I couldn’t do this without her. Together, we’ve come a long, long way.”

Even though Olga works across town, she still finds time to conduct groups at El Faro—she continues to be devoted to her clients. “I miss them!”

Fun fact about Olga?

She loves to knit, watch Criminal Minds, and blast Latin music while cleaning her home.

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