Housing Programs

We believe that everyone has the right to live somewhere safe, stable, clean, and comfortable. Stable housing is not only a right that everyone deserves, it’s also important if you want to stay healthy. It’s difficult to stay healthy, keep appointments, and take medication without housing. That’s why for years we’ve offered transitional and permanent housing to people living with HIV.

Find Housing

If you are living with HIV, are eligible for HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration), and need a place to live, you may be eligible for our housing program.

We are only able to accept new clients into housing through referrals from HASA. If you are HIV+, eligible for HASA, and need help navigating that system, email intake@harlemunited.org.

Support Our Housing Programs

For the most part, our housing programs are funded by government programs such as HOPWA and NY NY III, but that’s not enough. Those contracts cover the bare bones of our housing program but to help our clients not only stay healthy, but also thrive, we need additional funding.

By donating in support of our housing programs, you help provide life-changing services that the government doesn’t: additional staff time, holiday meals, and more. Make a tax-deductible donation today