We are a proud and strong community: Pride 2016

On Sunday we marched—no we danced—down 5th Avenue celebrating our Pride. Almost 100 of our clients, staff, and friends, including the Starbucks Pride Alliance, celebrated together… and remembered together.

It is important to remember that our LGBT rights are challenged every day and that our lives may be taken when we least expect it, but we also continue to be out and proud and celebrate all that we have achieved.

This video highlights the fun and incredible energy we had yesterday.

Marching in Pride is a favorite activity for many of our clients, who look forward to it every year as an opportunity to celebrate all that they have survived and the ways in which they are now thriving.

We need your support in this life-changing work. Will you make a special gift to Harlem United today?

Mark your calendar to join us next year for Sunday June 25, 2017 and please stay connected with us through our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.