Try to not catch this smile

Over the past few weeks, I’ve told you about the breadth and depth of the impact Harlem United’s harm reduction and recovery support services makes. Today, I want to get personal with you and share the story of one of our clients. Behind all of the stats, there are real people that come to Harlem United for help and your support makes that possible.

Allen came to Harlem United four years ago, living in shelters, out of work, struggling with substance abuse and depression. He enrolled in our recovery programs—along with yoga and meditation—and made progress on his mental health and recovery goals. Today, Allen beams when he talks about the transformation in his life and his smile is contagious. We sat down with him and asked him to share some of his story with you.

Take a look:

Today, Allen is enrolled in college and works as peer educator right here at Harlem United. His favorite part? Giving back to others on a journey similar to his own. If you’d like to, you can leave a message of encouragement to Allen when you make a donation to Harlem United.

We can’t do this work without Allen and our many other peer educators who have first-hand experience with the services they provide. And we can’t do it without you either. Will you make a gift today of $20, $50, $100—or whatever amount you’d like—to support programs like the one that helped Allen get his life back?

The front of a black tote bag with an orange Harlem United logo next to the back of the tote bag, which reads "There's some magical s#*! going on in here. - Jade, long-time client and peer." Underneath the tote bag images, is text that reads "Donate $25 and claim your limited-edition Harlem United tote bag!"