The Results Are In. Now What?

Statement from Jacqui Kilmer, CEO, Harlem United

“The results are in and let’s be real. So many of us and the communities we serve are fearful of what a Donald Trump presidency means not only for our future, but also for the hard-fought human rights victories we’ve achieved. This hurts, and we need to take the time to acknowledge how we feel as a community. But, we can’t stop there. Now more than ever, we need to channel our emotion and core values into action.

Harlem United was founded at the height of the AIDS crisis, when our government shamefully turned a blind eye to the very communities we continue to serve today. Just as we did then, we will organize, advocate, and empower those we serve to be the primary voice at all levels of government. We will serve our communities as a source of primary health care, housing, substance use treatment, and support services critical to their health and well-being. And together, we will never lose sight of our vision to create one community of hope, health, and healing.”