Month: November 2016

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  • Photo of event attendees from World AIDS Day 2015

    World AIDS Day 2016: How We’re Working to End AIDS

    December 1 is World AIDS Day, when people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS all over the world commemorate those lost, show support for all affected, and recommit to HIV education, prevention, treatment, and advocacy. An estimated 37 million people in the world are living with HIV/AIDS, including an estimated 1.2 million Americans. In the…


  • On Trans Day of Remembrance, remembering those we've lost

    Reflecting on Transgender Day of Remembrance

    On Nov. 5, Noony Norwood, a transgender woman, was fatally shot in Richmond, Va., four days after her 30th birthday. Norwood’s death marks the latest in an epidemic of violence against transgender people — people whose gender identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth. This year is the deadliest on…


  • Outraged About The Election? 7 Things You Can Do

    The long, contentious election season is over and the reality is heartbreaking. Our next president ran a campaign based on fear and hate, and his supporters include our country’s most notorious hate groups. Here are seven things you can do right now to support yourself, your loved ones, and your community: Get to know your New York…


  • The Results Are In. Now What?

    Statement from Jacqui Kilmer, CEO, Harlem United “The results are in and let’s be real. So many of us and the communities we serve are fearful of what a Donald Trump presidency means not only for our future, but also for the hard-fought human rights victories we’ve achieved. This hurts, and we need to take the time…


  • Harlem United clients attend a presidential debate viewing at the Apollo Theater.

    Why So Many of Us Don’t Vote — And Why We Must

    Did you vote in the last presidential election? If not, you’re not alone. Of the approximately 215 million eligible voters in 2012, about 82 million (~38%) did not vote in the election. Research on why people don’t vote reveals a variety of factors. A survey of 1,170 nonvoters found that 28% were not registered — the top…


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