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World AIDS Day 2016: How We’re Working to End AIDS

An estimated 37 million people in the world are living with HIV/AIDS, including an estimated 1.2 million Americans.

Reflecting on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Trans Day of Remembrance honors those who can no longer take to the streets with us because anti-trans violence took them from us.

Outraged About The Election? 7 Things You Can Do

Our next president ran a campaign based on fear and hate, and his supporters include our country’s most notorious hate groups.

The Results Are In. Now What?

Now more than ever, we need to channel our emotion and core values into action.

Why So Many of Us Don’t Vote — And Why We Must

Are we a nation that values the hard-fought right to vote for everyone, or will we continue to leave those affected by racism, ability status, and economic insecurity behind?