Harlem United Opposes Asylum Rule Change

Last month, the Trump administration proposed rules that would effectively end asylum in this country as we know it. The new rules would reject claims based on gender or orientation, in addition to denying anti-Black or anti-Indigenous persecution, and also allow judges to deny asylum applications without a court hearing, violating due process. We, Harlem United, stand strongly opposed to this racist and xenophobic attack on those fleeing persecution, torture, and death threats simply because of who they are. Everyone deserves basic freedom and respect.

On July 13th, Harlem United submitted a public comment calling on the administration to immediately withdraw the proposal. These proposed changes are in opposition to Harlem United’s mission, which is to provide integrated healthcare, housing, preventative and supportive services to those most in need, working for equitable access to these services, without barriers of racism, stigma, or discrimination.