Harlem United’s Response to Recent Noose Finding in Harlem Park


Date: June 17, 2020
Contact: Mari Eva Mendes | c: 646-505-7322

Earlier this week, a noose was found in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. This triggering reminder of the countless lynchings of Black people all over this country, placed in one of the most prominent Black communities, is appalling.

Harlem United’s CEO, Jacqui Kilmer said, “This noose was found in our own neighborhood, our very own back yard. Unacceptable.”

“Make no mistake – we will not yield in our fight for racial justice and equality. Harlem United will not back down from the struggle against white supremacy and in support of Black lives. Black lives DO matter, and we will continue to put all our efforts into creating a world where New Yorkers of color have as much access to healthcare, housing and social services as anyone else in this city. We stand with our community, staff and clients, and we will not flinch in our campaign to create social and racial equity for all.”

Lynchings in America

It is estimated that over 6,500 African Americans were lynched in America between 1877 and 1950 alone, with the actual number of the thousands of other victims of racialized mob violence unknown and unreported. Primarily, these lynchings were carried out by hanging.

Harlem United recognizes that structural racism is a public health crisis, still affecting the lives of millions of Black and Brown Americans through disparate access to all facets of society and impacting them through psychological trauma, murders, state-sponsored terror, and racially-motivated assaults.

About Harlem United

Founded in 1988 to address the HIV Epidemic, Harlem United is now a nationally recognized community healthcare center providing healthcare, housing, and supportive services for underserved communities of color in the Greater Harlem area.

Annually, Harlem United provides housing for almost 1,000 formerly homeless people, conducts more than 23,000 medical visits, engages over 10,000 persons across programs, and serves in excess of 20,000 hot meals and pantry bags. Harlem United operates with annual revenues of approximately $50 million and a staff of 320+ employees. Learn more at harlemunited.org.